TDMi 6 Piston Big Brake Kit

TDMimports 6 pistons Big Brake kits are designed for high performance street and track usage. All TDMimports big brake kits are designed to directly bolt on to stock spindles for quality OE like fitment. 



In order to have a reliable brake system, TDMimports calipers are built using a very high standard in material choice. TDMimports utilize 6066 billet alloy and T651 heat treatment process which is 30% stronger than standard 6061 billet alloy and less likely to deform during extremely high temperatures.  On the other hand, our brake caliper pistons material uses 7075 billet alloy with T651 heat treatment. T651 enhances the durability and longevity twice that of a standard heat treatment process.

Kits with with our 330x28 and 355x28 come with our Jumbo caliper to fit the wider sized rotor.


To meet above average standards when producing reliable brake discs, TDMimports selected better quality FC-25 steel mixture with high cast carbon. This process increases our maximum capable temperature to 900 Celsius.  This provides a higher level of stress and temperature to be achieved without excessive material expansion or distortion. In current markets, most rotors are made of a lower grade steel, for instance FC-20 and FC-22 have a heat expansion by as much as 1.2-1.5mm when reaching temperatures of 500 Celsius.  However, TDMimports’ rotors will only expand by around 0.45 cm in comparison. 

2-Piece Rotors

TDMimports replacement ring is made of FC-25 steel mixture with high cast carbon. Single piece rotors are made of the same material. For the Alloy Hat, TDMimports selected 7075-T6, forged and hard anodized in a champagne color.

Caliper Template:

Before using template, please make sure that all proportions reflect the measurements displayed on the document.

All measurements are in "mm"

TDMimports Big Brake kit includes:

All kits receive "Street Pads" as a standard option.

  • A pair of 2 caliper body

  • A pair of 2 rotors

  • A pair of 2 stainless brake lines

  • Two pairs (4 pads total) of our street brake pads with built in shims

  • 2 stainless brake line banjo bolts

  • 4 copper brake line washers

  • 4 brake pad pins

  • 4 brake pad insert pins

  • 2 brake pad stopping shims



  • Solid piece rotors

  • 2 piece floating rotors

  • Track and Pro brake pad upgrades available beyond our standard included Street pad


Rotor size available:

  • 286mm suits 15 inch wheels

  • 286mm/302mm suits 16 inch wheels

  • 302mm/330mm suits 17inch wheels

  • 330mm/345mm suits 18 inch wheels

  • 345mm/355mm suits 19inch wheels


All Kits are priced shipped to your door in the continuous 48 states.

Alaska and Hawaii customers will be charged a small additional fee due to the cost of shipping.

Kits with with our 330x28 and 355x28, come with TDMimports "Jumbo" caliper to fit the wider sized rotor.

Color options available:  Black, White, Gray, Red, Blue and Yellow.

All kits are backed by a 2 year warranty from all manufacturer defects.

Disclaimer: All Roman Autosport LLC related items, including brands sold on this page, are sold for off-road use only. All performance modifications and installation is at customers own risk. Roman Autosport LLC, and its partners do not hold responsibility either implied or otherwise for mechanical, electrical or other failure when using aftermarket performance parts or products. Items sold for off-road use only are illegal in many states and are intended for vehicles which may never be used in public. By purchasing any aftermarket part or product, the customer holds full responsibility for any consequences, legal or other, of such use and/or misuse.

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