TDMi Brake Pads


Brake Pads

To keep it simple, TDMimports narrowed down a selection of brake pads to 3 specs, which suits a wide range of performance usage.

*A 4th option will be available very soon. TDMimports Standard Pads will provide comfort ride for everyday use and will provide a budget friendly option.

*All kits receive TDMimports "Street Pads" as a standard option.

Street Pads:

  • Nao composite material  (Non Asbestos Organic)

  • 50-650 degree Celsius

  • Friction coefficient 0.45MU


Track Pads:

  • Nao composite material  (Non Asbestos Organic)

  • 50-720 degree Celsius

  • Friction coefficient 0.51MU


Pro  Pads:

  • Metallic material

  • 270-900 degree Celsius

  • Friction coefficient 0.55MU


Price is shipped to your door in the continuous 48 states. HI and AK will incur a slight shipping "Premium"


Pad Cost.PNG