This page is to answer some of the common questions received regarding TDMi BBK and other products. We will keep the answer as professionally transparent as possible and will update as more questions come in.

Does my wheel fit over top of your big brake kit?

Depends - This is a new product that has been spec’d out to function with OE wheels, and have been provided with a recommended suggestion chart for several different wheels. You may also use our Jumbo caliper template for guidance.  Unfortunately we have not been able to test the calipers on every wheel possible. We suggest you research the sizing of your preferred wheel vs our different sized kits. You may also contact TDMi for more in-depth technical questions at: @TDMimports


Are you currently working on bringing rear brakes to the market?


Yes! - We have them, but........ currently we're tweaking a few things to make sure fitment is 100%. It is what happens when prototyping an item.

Can we use different brake pads such as A, B or C?

No - Currently the pads are proprietary to the kit, TDMi is working on expanding this as the product gains traction in the market. We bet that once you try TDMi's compounds, you will love the feel of their stopping power.

Any issues with brake bias from only having a front BBK?

No - Direct quote from one of our testers. "majority of braking even in the stock system is biased obviously to the front anyway. In normal driving the extra grip in the front on the street pads isn't bad enough to throw the balance of the car off braking into a corner. That said if you want to push the brakes hard enough the extra stopping power in the front does become apparent over the rears but again not bad enough to throw you off on street driving."

Do you need any testers for your products? May I test your product?

At this time, we’re not looking for additional product testers.


Who is TDMi? How do you know TDMi? Why are they developing Subaru parts?

TDMi is a company that has been supplying parts to the 1990 - 2000 Sentra community for 10+ years. TDMi has worked on bringing back discontinued OE parts, worked with Cusco to bring back some of their discontinued parts and has developed high quality custom parts that have been highly requested by the community. We choose to work with TDMi, due to the quality of work provided to the Sentra community. We think that the Subaru community would highly benefit from their quality and craftsmanship.