TDMi 16 Way Adjustable Dampening Coilovers

TDMimports Coilovers are designed for your choice of comfortable street driving or track usage. 

Traditionally offered as tiered Street or Track oriented coilover. TDMimports is now offering a single coilover customizable to suit your needs.


Each 16 way adjustable coilover is assembled with patented needle bearings made by SFK, featuring a top mount bearing made by NSK. The shock absorbers monotube design is wrapped with a Japanese steel SAE9254 spring. Coilover size comes in a 54mm diameter with your choice of a 42mm linear pistons or 42mm digressive pistons, filled with Idemitsu/Fina synthetic racing oil.

single suspension.png


  • 16 way adjustable dampening adjustable

  • Patented Needle bearings made by SFK

  • Top mounts bearings made by NSK

  • Custom valving

  • Custom spring rates

  • Shock body 54mm spec

  • Choice of 42mm linear pistons or 42mm digressive pistons

  • SAE9254V racing springs

  • Idemitsu/Fina synthetic racing oil

  • Precision machined bracket mount (abs brackets included)

  • Billet CNC pillowball top mount camber plates (May not be available for some models. Will be noted under the item description)

  • 2 years warranty